False Reality, But True Jesse Lee Zaring

ISBN: 9780991146208

Published: October 27th 2013


682 pages


False Reality, But True  by  Jesse Lee Zaring

False Reality, But True by Jesse Lee Zaring
October 27th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 682 pages | ISBN: 9780991146208 | 7.53 Mb

“False Reality, But True”, is about the separate yet parallel journeys of two men and how both are touched with the grace of true love which is eternally seared to the beat of their hearts. The younger mans love acts as a hope, a powerful strength, pushing him through the gut of war and death, leaving him searching endlessly and tirelessly for the woman he loves.

From the memories of their love, to the promises they made, he vows to find her before death scrapes her away, a flower to a withered form. The older mans love acts as a curse, condemning him to a life of heartache after a lost love that can never be redeemed. Vengeance to his love, the missing voice to his heart, he never rests as he seeks his last and final calling.

Mysticism hides throughout their journeys and their unique connection unravels as their brutal fight for survival exposes the power of love and goodness in heroic proportions.“False Reality, But True”, has all the elements of a beautiful romance, but it is not just any romance.

It is a once in a lifetime, true love romance that begins with an instant soul connection which is put to the ultimate test of survival. This book has all the elements of a war story, but it is not just any war story. It is a modern day holocaust set on American soil which gets into the readers comfort zone and stirs up the frightening possibilities which question the stability of the everyday freedoms we take for granted. This book has all the elements of a suspense novel, but it is not just any suspense. It is suspense wrapped in a mysticism that plays with how intuition can act as a guiding force if obeyed and a destroying force if ignored.

Aside from all of these distinctive qualities, the power of this book lies within the poetic wording itself, filling every corner of every page, lending descriptions to the most indescribable of feelings from utter love, to heart wrenching loss, from overwhelming joys to absolute chaotic destruction. The pain of a heartache being described as, a shattered bone, deep in the chest, a hug between lovers as, he felt her trust seep into him, and the liberation of freedom as, “…her face to the clouds, the rain graced her eyes and lips and cheeks and she kissed the rain, the rain to her soul.” The words in this book paint brilliant pictures, provoking not just thought, but the deepest spectrum of feelings within the human spirit.

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